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Give Implants Expert TLC to Prevent Failure

Although dental implants have a high success rate of 95–98%, a progressive inflammatory condition known as peri-implant disease can threaten their integrity. In its early and highly reversible stages, peri-implant mucositis is limited to the soft gum tissue around an implant. When it advances to peri-implantitis, inflammation can attack the bone and cause dental implant failure. At Advanced Periodontics & Implants of Katy (APIK), we offer Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure (LAPIP™), a gentler solution for treating failing dental implants in Katy, TX. LAPIP is a modification of LANAP, the minimally-invasive laser protocol for resolving inflammation associated with gum disease. In the hands of our highly trained periodontist Dr. Joseph Holland, LAPIP in Katy, TX is a highly effective treatment to restore inflamed gum tissue and impacted bone around dental implants.

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What is Peri-Implantitis?

As with untreated gum disease, in which infection can impact a natural tooth root, bacteria that forms around an implant can lead to a serious infection as peri-implant disease progresses. While the exact frequency of peri-implantitis is unknown, various studies suggest 5–8% of dental implant systems are affected by this condition. Early symptoms include swollen gums, tenderness and sensitivity in your mouth. As it progresses, you may experience more severe jaw pain, a visibly receding gum line or exposure of the implant threads, pus discharge around the implant, or loosening of the implant. When left untreated, the most severe cases of peri-implantitis require removal of the implant and bone grafting to replace the damaged bone. Even though peri-implantitis isn’t common, it’s essential to see Dr. Holland for regular maintenance, not only to check the health of your dental implants, but also to maintain the validity of your five-year warranty. Should you notice any of the symptoms mentioned, it’s crucial to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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Why Expertise Matters

Dental implants are the “gold standard” in tooth replacement, due to their unsurpassed strength, longevity and esthetics, yet the decision to replace missing teeth shouldn’t be taken lightly. Choosing a highly skilled periodontist versus a general dental practitioner can result in more optimal dental implant surgery outcomes. As a periodontist with advanced training and credentials, Dr. Holland is highly skilled in gum disease treatment, bone grafting techniques and navigating the most complex cases. He has proven expertise using LAPIP to regenerate inflamed gums and bone around ailing implants.

What Increases the Risk of Peri-Implantitis?

Dr. Holland always treats any active gum disease prior to placing dental implants, to ensure they fuse with your jawbone. Like natural teeth, implants require regular brushing and flossing, as well as routine oral check-ups from a dental professional. In addition to poor oral hygiene and prior periodontal disease, other factors that increase the risk of dental implant failure include:
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The Evidenced-Based LAPIP Procedure

The first step in treating failing dental implants in Katy, TX involves determining excessive pocket depth with a specialized probe. Dr. Holland then vaporizes bacteria, diseased tissue, pathologic proteins and titanium post contaminants in soft tissue with the PerioLase MVP-7™ laser. Next, he removes surface growth with ultrasonic scaler tips and makes modifications to your bone and bite, if necessary. The laser is highly effective because it forms a stable fibrin blood clot containing stem cells from the bone, thereby creating a secure enclosure to protect the area from infection. These steps enable the dental implant to restart the fusion process with your jawbone.

Benefits of LAPIP

The flapless LAPIP technique restores diseased soft and hard tissue to a healthy state and promotes bone and tissue regeneration without damage to the implant. Studies show that 95% of failing implants treated with the LAPIP protocol reintegrate in the pocket and stabilize with bone growth of 3–8 threads. Benefits include:

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Dedicated to Gently Saving Smiles

It’s vital to get dental implants from a highly-rated practice with a proven track record. At APIK, Dr. Holland goes to great lengths to minimize bacterial exposure during dental implant procedures. The practice offers a wide spectrum of in-house sophisticated technologies coupled with vast expertise to ensure beautiful and functional outcomes. When we place dental implants in Katy, TX, our goal is a 100% success rate for healthy smiles that last a lifetime. But we also have vast expertise treating patients with complex cases, who are referred to us by other practices. Being certified in the LAPIP procedure enhances our ability to stop the progression of soft tissue and/or bone loss, and to achieve dental implant retention far more comfortably than traditional methods.

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