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What is gum recession?

Gum recession is when the gum tissue is lost around teeth and/or implants. It can occur on the front, back, and/or sides of a tooth or implant. The result of receding gums is root exposure that can sometimes cause root sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks. Aesthetics are also a common concern with gum recession due to a “long tooth” look or “black triangles” in between the teeth. Dr. Holland can treat your receding gum line in Katy Tx today, give us a call.

What causes receding gums?

The recession of the gums can occur for different reasons. Periodontal disease, biting habits, tooth shape and position in the jaw, aggressive brushing habits, hereditary thin gum tissue (aka thin biotype), smokeless tobacco use, lip or tongue piercings, or other traumatic habits or conditions can contribute to gum recession.

Treating gum recession with Dr. Holland

Often times a root coverage procedure can be done to move the gums back to their normal position. This procedure can be achieved by using your own tissue (an autograft) or by using a dermal product from a package (an allograft). There are various factors that Dr. Holland will evaluate to determine which procedure is most appropriate for your situation. Also of note, not all recession can be predictably restored to its original position. Again, Dr. Holland will evaluate each individual’s situation and recommend the most predictable therapy, if any therapy is necessary.

What to expect during a root coverage procedure for gum recession

Regardless of using your own tissue or dermal tissue, incisions are made in the area of interest. The graft is then placed under the gums, and finally, the gums are positioned to cover the roots. The difference comes when using your own tissue. An extra site on the roof of your mouth is accessed to obtain your tissue. The process can take 1-4 hours, depending on how many teeth are being treated.

Recovery after root coverage procedures

A soft food diet is recommended for the first 1-2 weeks. Extra care will need to be taken with the treated area(s) to allow the tissues to heal in the correct position. The initial healing time is about 2 weeks when the tissues will return to normal, and the final healing phase occurs at about 8 weeks. By that time the tissues will have matured to their final position.

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