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If the idea of going to the dentist makes you feel anxious, you’re not alone. An estimated 50 – 80% of adults in the U.S. have some degree of dental anxiety, ranging from mild to severe. For about 9 – 15% of those, dental anxiety is severe enough to avoid care altogether. Anxiety about going to the dentist may involve receiving what you believe will be a painful injection or procedure, the discomfort of keeping your mouth open for an extended period of time, or a lengthy and costly treatment plan. At Advanced Periodontics & Implants of Katy (APIK), it’s our goal to deliver clinically excellent care that is as painless and comfortable as possible. If you’re looking for a top-rated practice with sedation dentistry including general anesthesia in Katy, TX, you’ve found your dental home. Our compassionate periodontist and his team look forward to treating you and helping you choose the best anesthesia option to fit your unique needs. For full mouth dental implants, we work with a board-certified anesthesiologist. This ensures your ultimate comfort and safety, and enables Dr. Joseph Holland to do what he does best: restore smiles with beautifully crafted prosthetics.

We offer anesthesia options customized to your unique level of dental fear to minimize your anxiety and worry.

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Benefits of Anesthesia

Sedation Dentistry Services

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is an odorless and effective gas mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose. As you inhale nitrous oxide, it induces a state of mild relaxation and also reduces your sensitivity to pain. Nitrous oxide is safe for nearly every patient, regardless of age. After treatment is complete, the effects are rapidly neutralized by breathing in only oxygen prior to removing the mask. Since you’re fully alert and nitrous oxide has no lasting side effects, you can drive yourself home.
dental patient taking sedation pill

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a good option if you have moderate to severe dental phobia. Sometimes called oral conscious sedation, this involves taking a specific dose of a pill about an hour before your appointment. Although you’ll be conscious enough to respond during your procedure, this can induce drowsiness and you may even fall asleep. We monitor all your vitals and can modify the level of sedation throughout the procedure. The amnesiac side effects may cause you to forget parts or all of the procedure. Due to the lingering effects of the medication, a designated person will need to drive you home.

dental iv bag

IV Sedation

During IV sedation dentistry in Katy, TX, we administer anti-anxiety and anesthesia medications through a vein in your hand or arm into your bloodstream. Within seconds, you’ll feel relaxed and at ease. During your procedure, we monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and breathing. Like oral sedation, IV sedation can cause amnesic effects, so you’ll likely forget parts of your treatment or the entire procedure. This type of sedation has some lasting effects, therefore you’ll need someone to drive you home.
general Anesthesia patient

General Anesthesia

This is typically reserved for the most complex or extensive dental procedures such as full mouth dental implant placement. During your consultation, Dr. Holland will discuss the benefits and risks of general anesthesia, answer all your questions, and decide whether this type of anesthesia is the best choice for you. Unlike other forms of sedation, general anesthesia produces a state of unconsciousness in which you’re asleep. At APIK, we work with a board-certified anesthesiologist who administers general anesthesia in Katy, TX and monitors you continuously throughout your procedure.

The Risks of Avoiding Professional Dental Care

Anxiety can limit or prevent you from undergoing routine dental check-ups. Doing so can increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss, and cause other oral health issues. While gum disease is the leading cause of bleeding gums and tooth loss in adults, it’s associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and dementia, and can lead to pregnancy problems. Dental infections can spread to other organs and cause severe and even life-threatening complications. We offer a full spectrum of anesthesia options in Katy, TX to ensure you get the treatment your smile needs and feel relaxed throughout your treatment.

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